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Evil Con Carne


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Characters & Voices
Major Dr. Ghastly - Grey DeLisle
Hector Con Carne - Phil LaMarr
General Skarr - Armin Shimerman
Boskov The Bear - Frank Welker
Cod Commando - Maxwell Atoms
Destructicus Con Carne - Rino Romano
Estroy - Maurice LaMarche
Abraham Lincoln - Peter Renaday
Kablamity Jane - Masasa Moyo
Ensign Slaughter - Jim Rash
Enrique -
This was originally a segment on "Grim & Evil". In 2003, it got it's own series. Hector Con Carne was a "gajillionaire playboy" crimelord and evil genius bent on taking over the world. Eventually, he was caught in an explosion initiated by his archnemesis, Cod Commando. The explosion scattered most of his body across the world. He was rescued by a scientist, the begoggled and curvaceous Major Dr. Ghastly who has a crush on him, who placed his living remains into two containment units: one for his brain, and the other for his stomach. These two units were later installed into Boskov, a purple circus bear, giving Con Carne's brain control over (almost) all of the bear's actions and movements.

Hector, Dr. Ghastly, and his military leader, General Skarr, then created a secret laboratory on an island with a bunny-shaped mountain. Gathering an army, Con Carne resumed his quest for world domination and made a new goal: to find his missing body parts.
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