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Emergency Plus Four


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Fred Calvert Production

Characters & Voices
Roy DeSoto - Kevin Tighe
John Gage - Randolph Mantooth
Sally - Sarah Kennedy
Carol Harper - Sarah Kennedy
Matthew Harper - David Joliffe
Jason Phillips - Donald Fullilove
Randy Aldrich - Peter Haas
A cartoon version of the prime time TV show Emergency!, this show teamed paramedics Roy DeSoto and John Gage with four youngsters: Jason, Randy, Matthew, and Matthew’s sister Sally, who was later renamed Carol. Together with Flash the dog, Charlemagne the mynah bird, and Bananas the monkey, the group attempted to avert any and all disasters in Los Angeles County.

The voices of DeSoto and Gage were provided by the actors who had brought the characters to life in prime time, Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth, respectively. The animated version lasted three seasons, the last of which consisted of reruns.
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